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Niccolò Galli Foundation Headquarters


Recovery, expansion and remodeling of an ex-artisan building, transforming it into the headquarters for the "Onlus Niccolò Galli" Foundation

L'edificio è stato commissionato da Giovanni Galli, padre di Niccolò, il quale ha chiesto la trasformazione della fatiscente struttura pre-esistente, in un ambiente dall’architettura "semplice" e "luminosa".

The Foundation, named "Niccoclub" in memory of Niccolò, works prevalently with young people, and with the exclusive purpose of social solidarity. It is the center for initiatives directed towards social and socio-sanitary assistance.
The building before renovation Initial project sketches Initial project sketches

Urban-construction regulations did not allow for demolition of the pre-existing building, which is the reason why it was decided to transform the existing edifice. By demolishing only the roof and the north-east side, the consented 30 Sq. m expansion was achieved, as well as distribution of the surface area on two levels.

Transformation of the building was operated taking advantage of the linearity of the geometrical shapes, in an architectural revisitation of the spaces. The south-east and north-east sides are characterized by wide transparent surfaces, with casings in varnished steel. Theinner spaces were thought out and developed as Open Spaces, obtaining, as requested, total physical and visual spatial dimension, as an explicit invitation for the sun's luminosity.
Transformation phase of the building Building after renovation completion

The building, on the Fiesole hillside, is inside a large court-like space which is circumscribed by the gardens of the buildings of the whole block. 

Southeast prospect General view View from sunroof Project diagrams

Much attention was given to internal details: just as the entire building must appear simple and luminous, the interior is characterized by the greatest possible spatiality, free from any barriers.

Southeast interior before remodeling South east interior after remodeling First floor sundeck Interior Details of internal staircase

In order to capture and highlight natural light, a pavement in marble powder and crushed mother-of-pearl was developed, crowned by the moulded steel skirting.  The skylight, which ideally links the two levels of the construction, is an architectural underlining of light as the driving idea behind the whole structure.

The terraced roof was completed using ceramic tiles complete with 27 circular silverplated inlays (27 was Niccolò's shirt number when he used to play in Bologna)

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