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Via Pisana


The renovation was carried out in Florence on Via Pisana, and it consisted in the transformation of interiors which had been customised as a wine cellar into an architectural studio. The property was the first ever public housing facility in Europe (and perhaps the entire world). The building, in fact, was constructed in the first half of the 1980s, under the “Case per gli Indigenti” Foundation, which has been operating in the entire Florentine territory with great humanitary spirit, and which is currently managing more than 1000 homes for the poor.

 The unifying theme of the operation is a constant search for light. The particular access stairway was simply cleaned up, leaving its characteristics unchanged, just like the entire floor of all of the restored rooms. As for lighting in the staircase and entrance, some copper eaves, two of which, placed at the foot of the stairs, were drilled and two lamps were inserted as columns.

The study was treated as the rest of the rooms, in order to create a sense of continuity through the wall colors, the materials used, from copper to the eaves, used to collect light, which creates a very particular greyish illumination, as combination between the grey in the originary stonework, the brown of the old doors in solid walnut.

creating a very pleasant distribution in the toilet area. The choice of a steel washbasin in place of a traditional one, with a mirror in style, forged with gold foil, in addition to red painted walls, treated in wax, are all symptoms of a pleasant contrast of styles and colors which perfectly combine with the original floor.

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