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The area which interests our intervention is located in the nearest Florentine periphery, the area right outside the historical downtown district, which was developed practically on and around the train tracks, in the years between the two great wars. A very cluttered and compromised urban area, made up of old industrial structures, warehouses, anonymous buildings and buildings with dubious construction quality. The environmental context is also strongly conditioned by the train track barrier, which towers over six meters above the street, creating a barricade. These characteristics define an confused and humble urban panorama, in which no elements of any particular architectural interest stand out. An area lacking identity, in which the renovation serves as a breaking point and distinction with respect to the environment, rather than fitting in with it.

The objective is to exclude the non-architectural environment surrounding the area from the facilities, proposing a fresh makeover without any pre-confectioned structures. Each project choice is thought out with this result in mind. Research focuses on bringing state-of-the-art technological artefacts, with strong utilisation of modern material, with flexible uses, like steel, aluminium, zinc, titanium and layered glass. The solution which was adopted for the external facades (particularly those facing the street), which were covered with a smooth surface, without any footholds, presents itself as a total break. A hard and soft facade at the same time. A closed shell, protected by a robust and impenetrable metal layer, a sinuous form that slips off, underlining the will to exclude the external backdrop.
Scale model Scale model

Front view Side view

The project concept which was proposed for the facade on the inside of the newly constructed square. The great windows of the rooms face on this square, and they were conceived as a group of books which were "positioned incorrectly", in order to consent each room the greatest possible amount of natural light, by changing the inclination and projection of each single room. In this way, the result was the external facade's counterpart, creating a completely glassed and luminous area.
Scale model Rear facade rendering, pool included Rear view

The great hall is characterized by an elyptical structure completely built in steel and glass, with a valley-shaped roof, at the fulcrum of which was placed a huge transparent tubing, which channels rainfall towards the large autoclaves positioned at the second basement level, and used for sanitary distribution of the water in an eco-architectural outlook.

The architectural-stylistic peculiarities are: the wide square or piazza, transformable into an anfitheater through motorization of the bleachers, which make the transformation effective. The pool is suspended at a height of about 16 ml, and completely projected in layered glass; the careful study of the innovative materials which make up the front facade. 
Transversal view Transversal view

Section view Structure rendering

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