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Corsica 107


Tranformation of building complex destined for use as company headquarters into a residential complex

Building lacking any particular architectural assets, built in the 1950s and destined for use as offices and warehouse

developed on two floors above the ground. The architectural project foresees partial demolition, with vertical reconstruction, thus recovering the gross useful surface area, and completing a total of four floors above the ground, with at each floor a two-room flat with service facilities and balcony. This architectural necessity stems from the current building structure, which distributes the various rooms from a long blind hallway, with rooms opening only on one side. The unifying theme of the new projected system is luminosity; this was achieved by placing a floor to ceiling window in the front facade. The architectural project allows for the setup of a large loft or and two-room duplex, which will be decided based on the requirements of the final user; the resulting architecture is dynamic, in a shell which is spatially predefined. Enormous attention is given to the bioclimatic aspects both in construction systems and materials.

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