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Restoration and division into two residential housing units in downtown Florence, Via dei Magalotti, 4


The building presents characteristics which are typical of the tower-houses which distinguished the 1200s and 1300s, and was later transformed becoming rectangular, with the addition of passage rooms, typical of other time periods, while the external structure, with it’s narrow and tapering facade, maintains the structure of tower-houses of that period. The street where the building stands is historically interesting because of the urban choices which surround it and allow us to trace its civil history. The building underwent some evident changes like the independent entrance to the building, in which the current main door was extracted by partially closing the wide arch that acted as entrance to the warehouse.

Upon analysis of the wall flanking the staircase room of No. 2, it’s clear that No. 4 used to be one single unit with it. Even though there are no architectural or decorative assets, the building as a whole is a typical example of Florentine architecture of past centuries. The renovation entails restoration and repair of the entire property, as well as the division into two units, a two-room apartment and a one-room apartment. The two-room apartment also underwent hygienic/sanitary improvements, eliminating the latrine which was located between the two rooms.

Existing toilets under the condominial staircase were subject to renovation,

i.e. lengthening the entrance door

The one-room residence was transformed by eliminating a wall which was crowding available spaces.

Sanitary facilities were renovated, taking advantage of the pre-existing mezzanine, placed as a cover for the access staircase, resulting in an elevated toilet, which receives natural light from the colored glass wall of the shower.

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