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Trasformation of a lab into civil residences

The building complex and its relative garden area is located in Florence, with a vehicle entrance on Via Luisa Sanfelice, 21. It partly faces on Via Filippo Brunetti as well. The building extends on two levels above the ground, entirely designed as a laboratory, today in complete disuse, in addition to support areas like canteen, offices and toilets; the garden presents itself completely paved and destined for use as a private parking lot, including access to the street.

General description of the project

The present project seeks to transform the building into a residential complex. Changes will be made to the volume in areas where there is pre-existing sediment. The project intends to change the use to residential. From a construction standpoint, the renovations can be summarised in the following way: demolition of the portion of the factory body which currently hosts the external staircase; renovation of the ground floor, with a light lowering of the floor, in order to extract 8 car slots, and to insert a staircase with entrance from Via Brunetti. In this way, the building would be completely allineated with the other buildings facing the street. To do this, a small private property was taken advantage of; lowering of the floor in the existing first floor and light modifications aimed at extracting three residential units; creation of a second floor using the remaining gross area which is usable in the current ground floor, to house six one-room apartments destined for residential use.

The following parameters are to be achieved:

Gross usable surface 669.41 Sq. m Volume (virtual h 3.2 m) 2.142,11 Cubic m. Maximum height of the building: 12.56 ml.


The parking lots which will be provided in the basement and garden, which total 493,58 Sq. m plus manouvering space, will comply with Article No. 122/89, where the minimal rapport between parking lot area and constructed area which is a 1/10 ratio: for the 2142.11 Cubic m of constructed volume, 214.21 Sq. m of parking are necessary, and the projected area will comfortably apply as it will be 495.58 Sq. m.

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