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Our work focuses on the architectural restoration of buildings, villas and/or single housing units. This specialization should be considered practically natural, operating in the city of Florence, the architectural texture of which is viscerally linked to the history of Italian architecture.

Among our restorations is the beautiful Villa Sacrati-Strozzi in the hills of Settignano, Florence, dating back to 1100 and referenced by historians, among other landmarks, in the "Revolt of the Ciompi", with the annexed property consisting of no less than fifteen factory units, among which the marvelous farmhouse of over 1000 Sq m, which dates back to 1700.

Numerous interventions in smaller real estate units which are or were the property of ancient Florentinian families like the Canaccis, whose properties date back to 1400 ca., as also structural adaptation work on buildings notified by the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage, like the building on Via del Paradiso, 60, in Florence, which used to be a part of the convent dedicated to Saint Brigida, and which was commissioned by Antonio degli Alberti at the end of the 1300s.

In our studio, it is our flagship philosophy to intervene in restorations by first completing a preliminary study of the original material and how much of it can be effectively rescued, both structurally and functionally, and then trying to optimize the building and its functionalities as we comply with the client's requests.